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Rowing Swimming is an Olympic Game where Filipinos took dominance. Those who enjoy propelling a List of All Water Sports some can be included in theboat through muscle power can easily find fellow oarsmen proposed projectsin the Philippines. wakeboarding involves riding on aboard to which both feet are bound while being towedacross the water by a boat or cable. Synchronized swimming is a hybrid of swimming. MAPUA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYSimilar to waterskiing. Industrial Design and the Built Environment 27. Water polo is a team sport played in water. In the waterSwimming Swimming includes pool swimming and open water swimming School of Architecture. By riding on the wake. the wakeboarder may fly up and perform stunts in the air. which have brought home medals from theSoutheast Asian SEA Games.

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today’ssporting nation and tourism destination. Community sport tourism can lead to improved sportform of infrastructure is the sporting facilities themselves. Clearly. The most obvious tourism. A development initiative focusing on Sportswe don’t have good enough facilities that can be a Tourism can yield enormous gains including strong inbounddesirable venue for international events. A strategic approach which considers thein a Natural Setting. A further logical step down of participation and direction. Most if not all sporting activities and events rely on gained through developing the niche market that is sporthaving appropriate infrastructure in place. g. development. since 2005.